Charlotte’s Baptism

My granddaughter was baptized on May 28th.  Here she is with mom and dad, Jon and my daughter, Sarah

Me and Al

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Posted on : Jun 09 2017
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Jun 11, 2017 - 01:06:14

Adorable photos and granddaughter! xoxo

Jun 11, 2017 - 04:06:52
Patti J. said:

You can’t hear me, but I’m squealing! What fun this day must have been for you, grandma!!! Charlotte is absolutely gorgeous, as are her parents and grandparents! Thanks for sharing this special time with us out here in blog land. I love seeing your family!!! Hugs…

Jun 12, 2017 - 04:06:59
Heidi said:

Wonderful pictures! Your granddaughter is super cute!

Jun 13, 2017 - 08:06:21

Oh Beth such a sweet little girl and I just love her dress, such wonderful pictures of parents and grandparents with her!! Such a beautiful day!!

Jun 21, 2017 - 09:06:33
Marisa Job said:

What a special day! Beautiful pictures! Grand babies are so much fun!

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