Tutorial Tuesday: 6 x 6 Envelope Card Box


I am happy to say that I sat down with a ruler and scrap paper, on the weekend, and came up with a gift card box to hold your 6″ x 6″ cards.  The directions might look scary, but once you draw out your template, you will find that it is indeed an easy tutorial when you take one step at a time.  Please don’t be scared away with my directions.  I tried to play in Photoshop to make a nice sketch of the template, but I couldn’t figure it out.  Instead, I have a well-marked hand drawing for you.  Well, shall we get started?

* * * * * *

Supplies:  Bristol Board or Poster Board (it is larger than 12 x 12 cardstock), Ruler, Pencil, Scor-Pal (or towel and bone folder)

* * * * * *


Lay your bristol board so the widest part is on the horizontal.  Cut bristol/poster board in half.  Now you have two pieces of cardstock to create two separate 6 x 6 boxes.

  • Draw a rectangle 14 3/16″ (36.5 cm) x 10 1/8″ (26 cm)
  • Along the long sides of the rectangle, draw a 2″ margin
  • Create a triangle house shape on the narrow part of the bristol/poster board.
  • House shape will have 4″ sides (10 cm)
  • Find the middle point of the house shape which is 3 1/16″ (8 cm) and place a dot along the score line that is the closest to the top of the house
  • From that dot,  measure out 5 3/4″ (15 cm).  Place a second dot.
  • Create the roof of the house by running a line from the dot you just placed to the sides of the house
  • Score the dotted lines and cut the solid lines
  • If you do not have a score pal, score your template with a bone folder and ruler, on top of a folded towel


6″ x 6″ BasicGrey decorative paper fits nicely onto the front and back portion.  Use a coordinating 6″ x 6″ sheet and trace the top of your box onto the backside.  Cut out and trim the long end of the paper so it fits nicely on the flap, with the white bristol/poster board showing.  The decorative top and end pieces are cut 1 1/2″ x 6″.


Punch two holes on the flap.  This is for the ribbon that holds the box closed.


Fold template into a box shape, and mark two holes on the front, using the two holes as a guide on the flap.  You want these holes to align so ribbon can hold the box closed.


With a sharp point, create two holes on the front of the box.  Hold the point in the hole and move the pointed punch in a circle to create larger hole openings.

Thread ribbon through the backside of the front of the box.  Once your box is ready to be closed up tight, you can then thread the front flap through the wrong side to the front and tie.


Punch a half circle on the front of the box for easy access to your cards.

Fold template into box shape and securely tape sides of box together.  Double sided tape or Mono adhesive works best.


You now have a box for your 6″ x 6″ cards.

6″ x 6″ BasicGrey Sultry is available at Sunflower and Dragonflies Creative Designs on-line store.

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Posted on : May 26 2009
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May 26, 2009 - 08:05:26
Denise Clark said:

I LOVE this and it makes giving batches of cards as gifts so easy! Terrific idea and love the way you decorated! Very nice!

May 26, 2009 - 08:05:11
margie said:

This is so beautiful! I’ve never seen a lil box like this one before!
Adding it to my “must try soon” list 😉

Thank you for your sweet comment!
The pic with your pup wrapped up in the boa is priceless!!!
Our Miley Rose seems to be adjusting very well – we’re just starting day 2! lol!

May 26, 2009 - 09:05:22
Rebekka said:

Beautiful box,

May 26, 2009 - 10:05:15

Hi Beth!
What a great tutorial! Would be great for a gift! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your comment was so sweet!

May 26, 2009 - 01:05:42
Seleise said:

fabulous! and love the paper you used! TFS!

May 26, 2009 - 07:05:04
Risa West said:

Beth, your box is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the awesome DP and thanks for sharing your tutorial..great job!

May 26, 2009 - 07:05:14
beth said:

Wow GF you come up with the most wonderful projects I love this one and can’t wait to try it going out and get my poster board tomorrow.

May 26, 2009 - 09:05:56
Kim said:

Beautiful box Beth – love every little bit! 🙂

May 27, 2009 - 09:05:20

Beautiful!! Thank you, Beth. Since most of my cards end up being 6*6, I am sure I am going to try this soon.


May 28, 2009 - 11:05:57
beth said:

Okay GF it is on my blog mine is a tad bit different as I don’t think I did the house shape right these will make such nice gifts.
Thanks again for this wonderful tutorial.

Oct 27, 2009 - 11:10:58
Mel M. M. M. said:

Hubba Hubba! I love this box so much I want to marry it. Heeheehee

Jan 18, 2010 - 01:01:41
Alex said:

Lovely box, I can’t wait to give this tutorial a try.

Thanks for sharing.

Alex from England x

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