The Magic of Pearl Ex

pearlex-powder-200 Pearl Ex is a wonderful, colourful, and magical medium that is used by professional artists and potters, as well as rubberstampers, scrapbookers, and polymar clay artists.   There are a variety of finishes–from metalic to pearlescent and iridescent.  Pearl Ex is safe, non-toxic and archival safe.

Pearl Ex comes in liquid and powder form, but the most versatile is the powder form.

When painting with powder, water and Gum Arabic is added.  Gum Arabic is a binding agent that prevents the powder from rubbing away.  Rubberstampers find that a finishing spray (or hair spray for the thrifty) works just as well if Gum Arabic is omitted from the Pearl Ex powder/water mixture.

pearlexheading There are many ways to use Pearl Ex powder.  It can be used as a colouring agent in embossing powder and polymar clay.  It can be dusted into polymar clay molds before pressing the clay into the molds.  One of my favourite methods of colouring polymar clay is to dust a variety of colours, with my finger, onto the clay prior to baking.  Colours blend beautifully together.  The adventerous are known to add Pearl Ex powder to their eye shadow.

There is a wealth of information on the Jacquard Products website where you will find products, a forum, project ideas, and more.

I hope you are inspired to try Pearl Ex out.  Listed below are lots of tutorials and interesting photos to read, so grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy.

50 Places to Inspire You

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Crafty Goat’s Notes organizes jars of PearlEx and Embossing Powder

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Amy put together a wonderful tutorial and Information Sharing

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Scrapbook Studio Gets A Little Messy

Polymer Clay Project Makes PearlEx Paint

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Pearl Ex as Eye Shadow

Polymar Clay Buttons on Flickr

Mikasa Vase on Flickr

Pendants on Flickr

Halloween Trinket Box on Flickr

Flower Pendent on Flickr

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Tiles on Flickr

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Jacquard Projects

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Posted on : Aug 10 2009
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Aug 10, 2009 - 11:08:45

You should post a link to this over at SCS! Some ppl have no idea how to use this stuff and it’s collecting dust! GREAT ARTICLE!

Aug 15, 2009 - 05:08:07
silvia said:

I LOVE my Pearl~Ex, even though I don’t use it as often as I would like to. Thanks for listing the inspirational sites!!

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