Tutorial Tuesday: Coloured Pencil on Designer Paper


Welcome back to a fourth installment of Colouring with Coloured Pencil.   How are you doing with your coloured pencils so far?  Are you comfortable with creating shadowed areas?  Let’s review what you learned so far:

This week I will show you how unique your cards can be when you combine coloured pencil with designer paper (DP).  Did you notice that on Saturday’s Polka Dot Challenge post, I coloured the DP that was used on the dress?  That very same paper was left uncoloured in the background.   Don’t you just love the look of DP in the background and on the image?  For more information about paper piecing, you can read my post entitled just that:  Paper Piecing.

I hope you have fun with this technique.  For those of you who put your coloured pencils aside for the Copic marker, are you ready to try your coloured pencils again?

Next week I will have another installment of Colouring with Coloured Pencil where I will have another unique technique.   Subscribe today so you don’t miss another tutorial.  Stay tuned for some fun Christmas tutorials as well as my weekly Coloured Pencil tutorials between now and Christmas.


To add colour around your image, stamp out image two times.  Cut one image out to use as a mask.


Place the mask over top of the background image.  Hold in place and lightly rub colour around the masked areas.


Stamp out your images onto designer paper.


Using a dark shade of coloured pencil, shade in various areas of your image.  I shade under the collar as it is a shadowed area.


Shade belted area, just along the sides.  Shade in the pockets.


Cut out the designer paper.


Adhere designer paper to coloured image.


Here is another example of shaded designer paper.

Have fun colouring your designer paper!

Posted on : Dec 01 2009
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4 People have left comments on this post

Dec 1, 2009 - 10:12:32
Susan Buckley said:

Great technique. This is one I’ll try! Have a super holiday!

Dec 3, 2009 - 04:12:54
jessica grundy said:

so so so cute! This is the kind of technique I had in mind for the holiday fairy stamps for their dresses! I love the little girl owl.

Dec 5, 2009 - 03:12:25
Risa West said:

What fabulous tutorial and beautiful card Beth!

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