How to mask your image and watercolour your background


I am so sorry for posting so late in the day.  I narrowly met my deadline for posting my tutorial on Tuesday.  But, as I said to my friends, Tuesday really isn’t over until midnight–LOL.

Today I want to show you a unique way of watercolouring your background, without damage to your image.  By using Masquepen, you can mask the outline of your image and keep it safe from your background medium, whether it be watercolour paints, acrylic paints, or PearlEx paints.

This product is carried in art supply stores.  If you live in the Sarnia area, you can purchase this product at Beer Creek Studio.  If you do not have Masquepen, you can use a wax pencil or a sliver of paraffin wax with the same results.


Masquepen, wax pencil, or sliver of paraffin wax

Watercolour paper

Stamped image


Carefully outline your image with Masquepen and let dry naturally.  Drying time varies.  I left mine to dry for two hours.


Once Masquepen is dry, you can watercolour your background.


In this photo you can see I watercoloured the entire background.


Once the watercolour has dried, simply rub your finger over the Masquepen.  This product rubs off extremely well.

This is a quick technique that is a lot of fun.

For a complete list of my tutorials, please see my Tutorial page.

Posted on : Jan 19 2010
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Jan 19, 2010 - 09:01:42
Patti J. said:

I’ve never seen this product! Must have!!! Will have to look for it. Thanks for another wonderful tutorial! You rock!

Jan 20, 2010 - 12:01:57
Jennifer E. said:

What a neat product! Such a beautiful card Beth! You worry to much about the small things, your coloring is awesome!

Jan 20, 2010 - 05:01:14
Viv said:

Hmmm I’ve got a bottle of this stuff lurking somewhere. I’ll have to root it out after seeing this. Thanks Sweety!
Hugs Viv xxx

Jan 20, 2010 - 01:01:35
Sue said:

very interesting; I cannot find this locallybut if I get to N.S. I’ll seek it out there
I like this technique, looks like a uniform finish. Thanks for posting; have a great day

Jan 21, 2010 - 02:01:04
Mel M said:

What a fantastic product. It might have some really neato possibilities for resist effects. Thanks so much for sharing this! Stunning card!

Jan 21, 2010 - 02:01:07
Ila said:

This looks like an Amazing product….I’m going to be on the lookout for it the next time I’m in the city…Thanks for the tutorial!..Your card is Gorgeous …as always…and your water coloring is Fantastic!!…Hugs, Ila

Jan 22, 2010 - 10:01:43
beth said:

Wow Beth this is beautiful and I have never heard of that product will have to look at Michaels next time I am there to see if they have it.

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