Tutorial Tuesday: Art Squared


One of my readers begged me for directions for my recent card.  Her request must have had 8 “pleases” in them–LOL.  I started to type out directions and then thought that it would be much easier to do a tutorial than to write out the directions.  This is such a fun style to do.  Enjoy!


You can follow along with my template for an A2 (4 1/4″ x 5 1/5″) size card, or you can do your own design.


Rub ink onto glossy cardstock with a sponge.  You can use a variety of ink pads, or use the individual colours from one ink pad as seen in this photo.


Add as many colours as you would like.


Cut out shapes by following along with your template above.  On my template I added one letter of the alphabet to each square (not seen in the above photo–pretend you see it though 😉 ) and as I cut my pieces, I placed the appropriate letter on the back.  Before inking, lay the tiles in the proper direction, so your stamp goes on right-side-up.


Once the images are dry, ink the edges with a dark ink.  I used the dark blue that I used on my card front because I wanted my card to have subtle colour.


Adhere your squares to the card front.


I did a variety of coloured A2 cards, and mixed up the colours on this card.

I think it is safe to say that you’ll be seeing more of these cards because I’m having a lot of fun making them.  It’s so easy, and unique.

An index to all of my tutorials are posted on my Tutorial page.

Posted on : Apr 27 2010
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