How to Use a Brayer to Create a Reflection


Holy smokes, it’s Tuesday and I almost forgot to publish this tutorial.  Yikes!  My blog is corrupt so I can’t preprogram posts to publish like I used to.  Laycock Designs is working on my new blog, so my problems will be fixed soon.  Hope you enjoy this cool little tip.

I know I’ve talked about the use of a “brayer” in some of my tutorials, but does everyone know what that is?

A brayer is a hand held roller that is used to technique a paper craft…scrapbooking or rubber stamping comes to mind! For craft design, brayers are made from a variety of materials such as acrylic, foam, rubber, or sponge. Each gives a distinct texture during your base application. Think of a paint roller and how its surface texture can be used. Your opportunities are endless! Here is what you will need to look for when deciding which brayer to use:


Acrylic: Great to use when pasting a large work space or for getting a unique finish to your surface by wrapping plastic cellophane or rubber bands around it before rolling.

Foam: Used for water based stenciling or printmaking.

Rubber: All purpose tool which comes in hard or soft material. Good when using an inking technique.

Sponge: Used when you want a nice, even finish.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your techniques, and let me know which brayer is your favourite one to use.


Roll your brayer over top of inked stamp.  Next, roll the brayer across your paper.  Once your reflection is in place, stamp out your image and place it close to the reflection.


For an exact placement of a second sun/moon, sponge colour after the two main images are stamped out.


To add other features, such as pink in the sky, place a scrap piece of cardstock to separate the two stamped images.  Add the colours you would like to have, flip your image, and repeat.

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Posted on : May 04 2010
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Jun 1, 2010 - 10:06:09
Cherie said:

Beth, thanks so much! What an awesome card and tutorial! TFS!

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