Work Wonders with the Colour Wheel

Learning about the colour wheel can be scary for some of you, but let me reassure you that it really isn’t hard to learn and understand.  In my introduction about Learning About the Colour Wheel you learned about the colour categories: monochromatic, analogous, complimentary, split complimentary and triadic.  Today we will take a more relaxed look at the colour wheel.

Did you know that you see your favourite colour combinations every day?  Here are some examples:

  • Clothing Take a look in your closet.  Think about the outfits that you put together.  This is a good example of colour coordinating.  Imagine what you like to wear and pick out the colours on the colour wheel.  Chances are they fit within the colour categories mentioned in my introduction.
  • Paint on the Walls Chances are your walls fit within one of the colour categories.  If you are a little afraid of colour, your walls will be monochromatic.  If you love colour like me, my walls are split complimentary and triadic.    Thinking about painting?  Choose your curtains and bedding before you paint.  Pick your wall colour next, by picking one of the colours in your curtains or bedding.
  • Magazines What pages attract you?  Look at the advertising pages.  Are the ones that you are attracted to have your favourite colours?  Compare that page to the colour wheel and see what colour category it fits into.  This is a great exercise for you to think about in your leisure.
  • Gardens City parks and gardens such as Niagara Falls, is another great example of colour wheel use.  Have you ever noticed how you are atracted to these gardens?  Great colour knowledge and use really work well together.
  • Designer Paper Rubberstampers love designer paper.  Pick out a paper and you are sure to find it fits within one of the colour wheel categories.  Pick a colour and use it as your main colour in your matt and in your coloured image.  If you can create the main colour in your technique, even better. (ie,  Technique Junkie Newsletter offers a wide number of techniques in their subscriber newsletter).

Wasn’t that fun?  Colour wheel combinations are right under your nose every day, and you didn’t know it.


  • Look in your closet and pick out your favourite cloths and look at the colour wheel.  What colour combination does it fit into?
  • Pick an ad in a magazine and see what colour combination it fits into

In the next post about the colour wheel, we will look at colouring using the colour wheel as a guide.

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Posted on : Jun 27 2010
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Jun 28, 2010 - 02:06:43
Maryann said:

Thanks so much once again for a great lesson Beth. I have been watching colors around me all week in quite a different way, than I used to, that´s for sure.
Lokking in my own closet, I can see, that I´m using both complimentary and associated colors a lot, but when I look at the advertising as you said, then I´m most attracted to the associated colors for some reason?My clothes are mostly blue, yellow, green, grey, black and white. And the blue and green is in all shades of these colors. But I can see, that you´re right, we really can see the colorwheel in there too he he he.
I guess people are right, when they say, that our first input about colors are mostly the right choises, but where it gets difficult, is when you come to the colors outside our comfortzone. I have never liked orange f.ex, so I just never think, it looks nice with anything, but other people who loves orange can ofcause see them, but I hope to learn to see the right choises for those too, so I also can make cards with colors I don´t like for other people, who does like them, if you know what I mean?
That gets me to a question, did you see the attached colorboxes last week? I hoped, you would tell if i had got them right or they were all wrong, as I exactly tryed to go for colors, I don´t normally use much, so I would love to have a feed back on them, if you have time?
Have a wonderful aand colorfull day dear friend.
Biiiiig warm hugs Maryann

Jun 28, 2010 - 06:06:58
Rob said:

Beth, thanks so much for your generousity in sharing this great information on using colour, It is so helpful.

I LOVE your blog, it looks so lovely and fresh and arty.

Thanks also for your visit to my \place\ and your lovely comments.

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