How to Create a Monochromatic Card

Today I will show you how to create a monochromatic card.  Continuing on from my Introduction to the Colour Wheel and Work Wonders With the Colour Wheel posts, I want to look at monochrome a little more .  You will find my tutorial short, as I didn’t want to overdo my colouring steps.  I’m confident that you can colour without me bombarding you with “stuff.”

To start, pick your designer paper.  Choose a paper that uses one colour, or one colour with black or with white.  For example, your paper may be a variety of shades of pink or blue, or it might be one colour (pink in my case) with black.

Chose an image that lends itself to colouring in only one colour.

Here is a line-up of monochrome colours along with black.  In my photo I used light pink to dark magenta.

Don’t forget you can embellish your card, but don’t forget to keep the embellishments within the colours you are allowed.  In my example, my brads are black.

I hope this helps you to understand monochrome colours a little more.

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Posted on : Jul 17 2010
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Jul 17, 2010 - 09:07:20
Myrna said:

Thanks for this super simple tut. The card is lovely.

Jul 18, 2010 - 03:07:53
Maryann said:

Thank you soo much for once again to explain things insuch a brilliant way dear friend, so even nutcases like me can understand it he he he. I´m finally beginning to understand a lot more about the coloring, thanks to your lessons here. I have printed these basic lessons out now, so I can always just look them up and see again, when I´m working on a card, if I suddenly has some doubts about anything, and it has been a fantastic help to me, so thank you sooo much for that.
And your card is just as lovely as always hun. It´s amazing.
Have a wonderful sunday dear friend.
Big hugs Maryann

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