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This past week Stephanie and I spent a wonderful evening scrapbooking.  Heaven knows I need to get caught up.  Don’t you feel that way too?

When I was embellishing my layout, I complained that I didn’t have the right colour of butterfly, so Stephanie showed me a cool tip.  Here it is:  scribble the dark marker on a stamp block and then rub the light marker in the dark marker.  You will see that I started to colour my butterfly at the top, and blended my marker right down to the bottom so the colour would look well blended.  I repeated the process with my other wing.

You can see Stephanie’s gorgeous Mexico layout she did while I was there.

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Posted on : Jul 09 2010
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Jul 10, 2010 - 12:07:30
K Hutchinson said:

Yes, always feel like I am running a hundred steps behind! Awesome trick! Thanks so much for sharing!

Jul 10, 2010 - 02:07:50
Maryann said:

Beautiful butterfly Beth. It looks really great. I just love butterflies, and this is just gorgeous. Why is it, that it´s often these small tips, that does the whole trick, and yet we never think of them. <sometimes we find something out by accident, but most times we struggle to mak it look ight, and then someone else comes and tell us ththings like this, and it´s sooo simple, but thoug sooo amazing, like this idea.
Thank you sooo much for telling us, and please thank Stephanie too for getting the idea in the first place, and let you share it withus too.
Have a wonderful week-end dear friend, and please look my site today and see, what you think about, what I´ve done too.
Big hugs Maryann

Jul 10, 2010 - 08:07:58
Debbie said:

I don’t thnk I quite understand your blending techique for the butterfly. Did you rub the dark marker on the block and then the light marker into the darker ink on the block? If you did, wouldn’t both colors mix into one shade. I don’t understand at hat point you colored the butterfly so the colors go from dark to light as shown. Am I missing something? TY

Jul 11, 2010 - 09:07:26
Beth Norman said:

You are correct about the blending technique. The dark ink is scribbled onto the block and the light colour is blended into that. Yes, the ink goes into the light marker, but that won’t matter because when you start at the top, the colour is dark, and ask you blend the dark colour will come off your light marker, as seen in the photo. Hope this helps.

Jul 13, 2010 - 08:07:11
Stephanie said:

Beth : thanks but I cant take full credit. Someone, somewhere, posted or showed me this tip! You can also blend on the lid of an ink pad. Any non porous surface. It just gives you more mileage from your basic marker colours if you dont mind altering the original lighter marker a bit!! The dark colour does seem to vanish off once you colour with the lighter marker.
now I am curious.
Lets see the layout that you created, using the butterfly!

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