Why I love blending brushes and reminder of new release

Blending brushes are da bomb!

  • No more sponges that leave distinct lines between colours
  • No more “spotting” of colour
  • Comes with 10 sizes, all of which I have used
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Soft bristles allow beautiful blending between colours
  • Washes nice with just running your brush under the flow of water
  • Price.  Price. Price.    Use my code TJ10Beth for 10% off the cost of these brushes
  • If you are thinking of purchasing brushes, act fast because this product is marked “Available for a limited time only.”
  • Get creative!

Did you miss the big new release for March?  The link to the reveal can be found here.

Don’t forget, you can use my code to receive an extra 10% off the new releases.  That, along with the 15% off, will give you 25% off the new releases.  My code will also allow you to receive 10% off other products as well.

Get creative!


Posted on : Mar 03 2020
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Mar 4, 2020 - 11:03:30

I am sure I just need to use mine more often to get the look I want to achieve 🙂 great tips

Mar 10, 2020 - 01:03:01

aGREED 100%! xoxo

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