My Little Mishap

Good morning fellow stampers.

My son is crazy for hedgehogs and just purchased one from the Niagara Falls area.  The breeders were meeting Adam last Wednesday, in London, so he didn’t have to travel too far.  As the breeders got stuck in traffic, I decided to take advantage of shopping in the store where we were sitting in their parking lot.  Adam and his girlfriend stayed in their truck and I merrily went on my way, then kerthunk!  I twisted my ankle and fell forward landing on my rib.  The kids never heard a thing, but the lady five rows away saw me fall (the parking lot was pretty empty as we were early in the day), and she yelled, “are you okay” all the way up to me.  When the kids saw this lady checking on me, and me still on the ground, they came out of the truck in a panic.  I was dazzed and a little confused when Adam reached out his hand to help me up.  My ankle was extremely painful but I thought nothing of it, thinking it was just a very bad sprain.  Off to MacDonald’s we went as the breeders were still delayed.  I walked on my ankle and into MacDonalds as nothing was going to get in the way of me and my Big Mac.

The next morning, I walked from the parking lot into my department, at work.  A walk that normally took less than 10 minutes, turned into a 20 minute walk as my ankle was very sore.  I go into work extra early to relax before I work.  I rarely look at my phone unless it is break or lunch time, but I did on this day at the very early start to my shift.  Because my ankle was quite swollen and because Adam kept at me, over the phone, to go to ER, I finally gave in.  I was going to go in on the weekend, but Adam said if it was a break, that it would be too late to be seen.

Jumping forward, after x-rays, my ribs were not broken, only bruised from the fall, and I was told my ankle was broken and I was casted up and provided with crutches. Adam drove me home and his girlfriend met up with us at my apartment where they stayed to make me supper, get me comfortable, and watched over me until I was able to convince them I would be okay until Al got home from his afternoon shift.  The look on Adam’s face said it all.  He was extremely worried about leaving me.

I called in to work using the first sick day in six years, and it crushed me.  Not only was I proud of that milestone, I was proud of being 57 and not ever having a broken bone or surgery.  My record was squashed.

Five days after my fall, I saw a surgeon who told me I have an avulsion fracture of my left ankle and provided me with a walking cast boot and said I could be in it for two months.  I was so elated when he said I could go back to work, and that I’d have a life getting around on my feet again.

My ribs are still tender and my ankle is slowly healing, and lucky for me, I don’t have to have surgery.

So back to my card.  I gave this card to Adam at his house before we left to pick up “Sonic” his newborn hedgehog. Adam was told that his hedgehog was the friendliest in the litter and boy were they right.  He was happy to be in our hands and loved to have his belly rubbed.

So, for the last week of my vacation, I will rest my leg.

Have a nice week, and sorry that my post was so long-winded.


Posted on : Jul 25 2020
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Jul 25, 2020 - 09:07:39
Jeanette Cloyd said:

Ouch! I am so sorry you took a tumble and broke your ankle/leg in the process, Beth. Take care of yourself! Healing wishes heading your way!

Your hedgehogs are adorable!

Jul 25, 2020 - 10:07:54

Oh no Beth, sorry to hear you took such a bad fall, that must have been so painful, and I imagine still is, I hope all heals well for you!
That card is just the cutest and how fun that your son has a hedgehog, I never heard of having them for pets, that is cute he likes his belly rubbed!

Jul 26, 2020 - 04:07:30
Hetty Sanders said:

Oh, Beth, what a story you are telling us. So sorry this has happened and it took a while to realize it was more than you expected.I hope the recovery will be speedy. Let them take good care of you.
The hedgehog card is very sweet and adorable.

Jul 27, 2020 - 08:07:14
Kim said:

Oh my.. I’m so sorry that you fell and broke your ankle. My best friend fell down stairs and not only broke 3 bones in her ankle but tore ligaments. She had to have surgery and is recuperating at her daughter’s house. I did take her to her dr for a checkup during a vacation from work. It looked bad. Hope it heals quickly! I luv that your son got a hedgehog. I luv them also, but didn’t realize they could be pets. Take care!

Jul 27, 2020 - 12:07:04
Shelly Schmidt said:

SO glad your son kept bugging you and got you to go to the ER! So sorry for your pain and suffering, and so very happy that the doc put you in a walking cast! Your sweet card is adorable- fun hedgehogs! I have never seen a real hedgehog!

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