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Hello friends.  As I sit here typing this out, southern Ontario is in a deep freeze once again.  The icy rain took satellite out and I have no TV to watch.  One can only watch so many episodes of X-Files on DVD.  I have all 11 seasons (thanks to Donnie) and I’m almost finished season 2.  When I did spell check, can you believe “X-files” was a real word.  Pretty spooky I’d say.

Today’s card is for my weekly challenge with Diana Enns.  In turn, we invite the rest of the Technique Junkie Newsletter group join in on the fun.  We have regular participants, and it would be so nice to see new faces.  So, come on ladies, I know you are there and listening–LOL.

This week’s challenge is called Faux Shaving Cream and is one of the bonus techniques from the 2007 CD.

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Technique Junkie Newsletter March Madness

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Celebrate March Madness! From today through March 31st, everything is on sale for 10% off! Place your order for any CD, renewal, back issue, online order — any combination of things — to receive 10% off!

To realize your savings, simply place your order using PayPal, and put the phrase “march madness” in the comments section. I will refund the 10% discount to you!

Want an idea of what the savings are? Here are some examples of the savings:

  • One year US renewal: $16.20 (normally $18.00)
  • One year Overseas renewal: $21.60 (normally $24.00)
  • Emboss or Die AND Fancy Folds CDs: $32.31 (normally $35.00)
  • Emboss or Die CD: $16.15 (normally $17.95)
  • Fancy Folds and Motion CD:  $16.15 (normally $17.95)

You are not limited to these items — this is just an example of the savings. Order  renewal and back issue items HERE and the Emboss or Die CD Here. Want to order renewal and the Emboss or Die? Just go to each page and put what you would like into your shopping cart.

Hurry! This promotion will expire March 31st. Place your order today!

Thank you for stopping by.

Stamps:  Stampin’ Up!

Posted on : Mar 24 2011
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Mar 24, 2011 - 10:03:52
K Hutchinson said:

Your card is gorgeous! I totally love this color combo! Simple clean lovely 🙂 Sorry about your TV- we are back to a deep freeze too! UGH! At-least it is sunny here today even if it is only in the 20’s! I do not watch much TV- I LOVE silence! LOL

Mar 25, 2011 - 04:03:59
Viv said:

No TV is GOOD!! Ya can do more crafting!! Well, we’ve got an early summer going on here at the moment, but of course it will only last until tomorrow than it’s back to rain and dull and cloudy. BUT! It’s lovely while it lasts.
I digress, (as usual), your car is beautiful as always Beth.
LOVE those corners, (got ’em myself) and the main image is so pretty. Love Viv xxx

Mar 29, 2011 - 04:03:50
Viv said:

Hya Beth! Please e-mail me so I can get your e-mail back. I lost all my contacts when my PC crashed!
Love Viv xxx

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