My Organized Stamp Room

Happy Saturday fellow stampers!  I’m not sure if I posted this photo of my organized stamp room or not.  My dear cousin helped me to organize my tiny space so I could find things quickly, and I must admit, she was right when she had me put likes with likes.  For example, it was very painful to see her place wooden stamps in with my polymer.  I nearly had a heart attack fainted when she suggested it.  After some coaxing I finally agreed.  Now that I’m looking for a particular stamp, I can find it in 30 seconds.

That wooden chair you see tucked into the corner is my YouTube video making chair.  It doesn’t creek and groan like my metal chair.  I’ve been known to stand up throughout a video production too.  This winter I am painting the chair a little wacky fun.  Still haven’t decided if I should make the base coat black or pink.  Check out “painted chairs” in Pinterest and let me know your thoughts.  Better yet, if you come across something you think would be perfect, please put a link in the comments.

The painting of dandelions on the wall was done years ago at a paint party.


My Stampn Up! stamps fit beautifully in large bins which are stackable.  I placed all dies with the stamp set using an elastic band so there’s no hunting around for that special die when I “need” it.  You know the frustration.

Coloured bins along the top shelf hold items not easily stored in bins with lids.  Notice the labelling?  Terry Ann, my cousin, stood over me and had me label things immediately.  Occasionally I would say, I’ll do that later, but she wouldn’t let me put it off–LOL.

Gasp–wood and polymer share the same space.  Well, I’ll admit, Terry Ann was right.  It is easier finding stamps when they are “like with like.”

These large bins are just 2 of 6 that I have filled with Technique Junkies’ stamps.  I have them organized according to Christmas/holidays, backgrounds, all things water-related, and miscellaneous.

Al created hooks for me to hang my brayers.  Did you know that brayers should be stored like this to prevent the roller from creating a flat spot?

Well, if you are reading this you’re a trooper for all of today’s reading material.  I’m off to the trailer for the night–have a great weekend!

Posted on : Sep 11 2021
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Sep 11, 2021 - 10:09:34
Judith L Jackson said:

Good for you!! I unmounted all of my wood mounted stamps years and years ago. And I have long sorted stamps by themes. I have finished sorting the TJ stamps except for the recent 2 months worth. I put all of the TJ stamps into empty SU cases. I have to sort through all of the non-TJ stamps and get them organized. Then I need to label all of the drawers etc. I have my brayers stored on hooks too. Now to keep it organized!! You CAN do it!!!

Sep 11, 2021 - 10:09:24

Love it all, so well organized, your cousin is very good at this! Now, I use my computer files in the process more, but I definitely wish all my supplies were by color and theme instead of brand. Many are but not all. If I were rich and could hire someone, I’d have them do all my paper, lol. xoxo

Sep 12, 2021 - 10:09:04

Looks wonderful, my sister tried to help me organize my house a few years back and she was wanting me to get rid of too much I wasn’t ready for so I told her I guess we need to quit you are making me anxious, LOL! I did know about the brayer thing, I have it stored upright.
Hope you had a good time at the trailer 🙂

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