Gelliplate Fun

Hello folks!  How is your weekend going?  When Carol and I get together, it’s our time to play and experiment.  We love to experiment using our gelliplate, as I’ve said many times.  Today I’m going to showcase a few pieces that I’m very happy with.  Mind you, it takes a lot of “pulls” before I achieve something I really like.  This is an example of a pull that I’m loving.


These are examples of “pulls” that used acrylic paint, IZINK ICE glaze finish, acrylic metallic paint, and Color Shift acrylic paint.


Do not clean off all of the left-behind paint on your Gelliplate.  It makes for intriguing backgrounds.  When you reach the point where you want to clean off the Gelliplate, the paint that works well is from Michael’s.  It is “Artist Loft” Professional Level 3, in the colour parchment.


This is not a Gelliplate background, rather a background using a straw, soapy water and cardstock.  Watercolour paper can be used too.

Have you played with the Gelliplate?  Any tips you would like to share with me?

Thank you for stopping by!

Posted on : Sep 25 2022
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Sep 26, 2022 - 09:09:44
Patti J. said:

Well, first off, I am insanely jealous of Carol! What I wouldn’t give to sit at a table with you and our Gelli plates! These backgrounds are incredible, Beth! Can’t wait to see them become card fronts, they will be such beautiful cards! Thanks for sharing!

Sep 26, 2022 - 12:09:46

They look so cool and thanks for the tip on the paint to use to pull. You know I don’t have many tips I can think of right now but I did see someone using pastels on their plate and I never thought about using them, I haven’t tried it yet.

Sep 28, 2022 - 11:09:41
April W said:

All of these are great! I love playing with the gelli plate and I don’t do it often enough.Love your bubbles background too.

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