My Organized Stamp Room

Happy Saturday fellow stampers!  I’m not sure if I posted this photo of my organized stamp room or not.  My dear cousin helped me to organize my tiny space so I could find things quickly, and I must admit, she was right when she had me put likes with likes.  For example, it was very painful to see her place wooden stamps in with my polymer.  I nearly had a heart attack fainted when she suggested it.  After some coaxing I finally agreed.  Now that I’m looking for a particular stamp, I can find it in 30 seconds.

That wooden chair you see tucked into the corner is my YouTube video making chair.  It doesn’t creek and groan like my metal chair.  I’ve been known to stand up throughout a video production too.  This winter I am painting the chair a little wacky fun.  Still haven’t decided if I should make the base coat black or pink.  Check out “painted chairs” in Pinterest and let me know your thoughts.  Better yet, if you come across something you think would be perfect, please put a link in the comments.

The painting of dandelions on the wall was done years ago at a paint party.


My Stampn Up! stamps fit beautifully in large bins which are stackable.  I placed all dies with the stamp set using an elastic band so there’s no hunting around for that special die when I “need” it.  You know the frustration.

Coloured bins along the top shelf hold items not easily stored in bins with lids.  Notice the labelling?  Terry Ann, my cousin, stood over me and had me label things immediately.  Occasionally I would say, I’ll do that later, but she wouldn’t let me put it off–LOL.

Gasp–wood and polymer share the same space.  Well, I’ll admit, Terry Ann was right.  It is easier finding stamps when they are “like with like.”

These large bins are just 2 of 6 that I have filled with Technique Junkies’ stamps.  I have them organized according to Christmas/holidays, backgrounds, all things water-related, and miscellaneous.

Al created hooks for me to hang my brayers.  Did you know that brayers should be stored like this to prevent the roller from creating a flat spot?

Well, if you are reading this you’re a trooper for all of today’s reading material.  I’m off to the trailer for the night–have a great weekend!

Posted on : Sep 11 2021
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Happy Birthday

Hello friends!  It was recently my birthday and Aimeslee Winans created this beautiful birthday card for me.  You can read her post showcasing this card, with her photo step-by-step tutorial.  A lot of work went into the making of this.  Thanks Aimes!  I love it!

Posted on : Sep 19 2020
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

This view is from my stamp room window on the first snow storm of the year.

I’m working 3-11 this week.  How are you spending Christmas?

Posted on : Dec 25 2019
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My Wedding Day

And isn’t this the truth?  You can see the tiny chapel in the background.  We got married outside the doors to the chapel and signed the marriage certificate indoors.  We got married at Elope Niagara, in Fort Erie, ON Canada, which is super close to Niagara Falls.

My son hamming it up before the wedding.

My daughter patiently waiting for the wedding to start.

Al, the groom, with his daughter, her fiance and one happy girl and one unhappy boy.

Before the wedding.

Before the wedding with my children.

My granddaughter is the flower girl and wanted to be carried by mom.

My son walking me down the isle.

Signing the marriage certificate


Mr. and Mrs. Roberts (I will be going by Norman-Roberts)

Kisses in Niagara Falls.

More of Niagara Falls.

Showing our love.

That’s all folks

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We’re Married!!

We’re married!  Whoop whoop!  Al and I got married in Niagara Falls, Canada, on 08-18-18.  This is one of my very favourite photos and I’m going to blow it up and hang it up.  It brings back memories of how tired Al and I were by this time of day, and we didn’t want to fight the largest crowds you can imagine in Niagara Falls, plus the traffic.  But, with Jon, my son-in-law’s persistence, and my son, Adam’s, persistence we got photos of us by the US falls.

We had to jump out of the car in the middle of the traffic to take photos by the falls.  It took me by surprise the congratulations we received from the crowds.  Jon got a lot of great shots.  Eventually I will get my photos and post some more.

The reception, will be held this Saturday and I will post them as soon as I can.

Have a great day!


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RAK Lilly Card

What a happy mail day to me from Julie Warner of The Write Stuff.  You can see her winner of a weekly favourite over at SCS card here.

I have followed Julie’s blog for years and was so surprised that after leaving a comment on this card, she blessed me with it.

Thank you Julie!



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RAK Owl Stamps

Hi folks!  By now I’m sure you know how much I love owls.  I’ve got the mugs, the purse, the pillows, etc., and now I have some realistic owl stamps thanks to Shelly Schmidt of My Creative Rumblings.

Shelly and I used to be on the Technique Junkie Newsletter design team together and over the years we follow each others blog and occasionally send e-mails back and forth.  Shelly asked if I”d be interested in her stamps and I jumped at the opportunity.

Thank you Shelly for making my day!


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I’m a Winner

Thank you to everyone who voted for my card.  I won peer votes that provided me with a $100 gift certificate to

My card uses Technique Junkies Stamps.

Posted on : May 23 2018
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Stampn’ Up! Saturday – Baby Bear

*SCS Weekly Favorite

Hi folks.  Are you in love with this Baby Bear stamp set as much as I am?  I paired it with Technique Junkies Love Harlequin background stamp that you can get for 10% off just by using my code TJ10Beth.  I like this card so much that I plan to make ten more of them.  The girls at work are always after me for cards.

I made this card for my granddaughter’s first birthday.  She isn’t walking quite yet, and threw away her smash cupcake. She was not impressed with it at all.  Here are some photos of my children with Charlotte.


Proud mama, Sarah, with Charlotte.

Proud Uncle Adam with Charlotte.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great weekend.

Posted on : Mar 10 2018
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Merry Owl Christmas to Me

I guess the secret is out.  I love owls and was spoiled at Christmas from two very dear friends that I met through my blogging,  On my funky green chairs is a lunch bag and slippers from Nancy Gibson.  Thank you Nancy.

My friend Patti from Cherish Each Precious Day sent me this die set.  Thank you Patti.

Today I continued to work on my wedding invitations.  Guess what’s one them?  Marine Owls.  Plans fell through for getting married in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada this summer, so I’m bringing the Maritimes to Sarnia, Ontario, this August.  I have two girlfriends that are helping me glue 40 owls together, and will post the invitation once I have them finished.

Stay warm.  Be safe.


Posted on : Jan 13 2018
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