Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)

Hi there fellow stampers and friends.  Today I’m sharing some RAK’s I received.

Recently it was my birthday, and my dear pen friend, Nancy Gibson, from Texas, asked me to write out a wish list from the Stampn’ Up! catalogue as she knows very well how much I love SU.  I didn’t know what she was going to choose from my list and the anticipation was killing me.  I squeeled with joy when I opened up my box to find all this goodness.  Thank you Nancy.

My dear friend Kate made us “Wednesday luncheon and crafting” ladies table runners.  I guess it’s no secret that I love sunflowers and dragonflies and so my runner had them both on the runner.

Every Wednesay five of us ladies get together for a luncheon and crafting mid morning through to the afternoon.  Because I work shift work, I can only attend every other week when I’m on 3-11.  Vera, the host, kindly makes us a lovely lunch before we set into our projects.  Me, I’m alternating between felt work, knitting and colouring, while the others knit and crochet.  Thank you Kate for the lovely runner.

A dear friend, Robina, who goes all the way back to high school with Al, surprised me with a tea towel she embroidered when I invited her and her family over for supper recently.  My birthday present included this tea towel, an elongated trivet for food, along with the new body butter and bath bombs that Robina is now making.  Robina embroiders clothing for her children and is currently undergoing painting murals for her two girls’ bedrooms.  Thanks Robina.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Next week holds a Technique Junkie blog hop with a wonderful release of new stamps.  Stay tuned…

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Splitcoaststampers Featured Stamper of the Week

This week I was pleasantly surprised to find out I am the Featured Stamper of the week at Splitcoaststampers.  You can read about it here.

The gallery in which stampers created their own cards, using one of mine to inspire them can be found here.

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Vacation, Part 3

We visited, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, where the Bluenose II and Bluenose I was built.  The Bluenose II was built in 1963 and just underwent a controversal overhaul.  The Bluenose I is on our Canadian Dime.

Lunenburg is known for it’s colourful houses.

We visited the Keltic Lodge in Cape Breton, just off the Cabot Trail.  A tree-rooted walk up and down hills for 5 km was so exhausting.  I’m glad we made it to the end to see the Atlantic Ocean.

The beauty of the Cabot Trail.

More of the Cabot Trail overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Our last big tourist attraction we visited was Hopewell Rocks, in New Brunswick. Here you can see the tide is out and the flower pot rocks are bare.

The world’s highest tides can be seen from Hopewell Rocks (and Halls Harbour, NS).  When the tide is in half of the largest rock to the right will be covered with ocean water.

Our vacation was a whirlwind.  We managed to see and do so much in 2 1/2 weeks.  I have over 200 photos to be developed and placed into photo albums.

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Vacation, Part 1

On the way to Canada’s East Coast, our first stop was in Kingston.  Four years ago the very ancient penetentary was closed, so we toured the Pen.

First, I have to tell you how exhausted we were.  The hotel we booked only housed enough spots for 30 cars, and because we got there early enought (around 1:00), we checked in and parked our car.  Fearing that we wouldn’t have a spot to come back to, we decided to hike, in a fast pace, 30 minutes to the Pen.  The two hour tour lasted close to three hours so we were pooped.  Al was smart and recommended we take a bus back downtown to our hotel when the tour was completed.

Me behind bars.

In the large gym, murals were painted to help with moral of the inmates.  Surprisingly, this mural was not defaced as it brought peace to the inmates.  I think this mural is gorgeous.

One of our stops was in New Minas, Nova Scotia, close to where I used to live.  We booked our rooms through airbnb and found a room for only $52.  We had no problems staying at our airbnb rooms.  The hosts were very friendly and opened up their homes to us.  Here, Al is standing in front of a restaurant we really enjoyed.

Not far from Halls Harbour, NS, were painted houses.  I felt like a kid in a land of enchantment.  The houses were so much fun.

We enjoyed having lobster at Fisherman’s Wharf, on Prince Edward Island.  I used to eat there when I lived on the Island.  It was as good as I remembered.

Here we were at Brackley Beach National Park, on Prince Edward Island.  I ate the best fish I ever had just off the docks.

More pictures to follow tomorrow.

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It’s my birthday blog candy!

What better way to celebrate my birthday than to give back.  This beautiful Technique Junkies stamp is up for grabs.  Simply leave me a comment or leave me a comment telling me what tutorial you would like to see me do.  You have until Saturday, August 12th to leave me a comment.  Winner will be picked with Random.Org

This is what I came home to last night after working 3-11.  Imagine my surprise because Al bought my ticket to the race car driving, I wasn’t expecting anything else.  Can you see the title of the book?  “I’ll Always Have You.”  How romantic.  As you can guess sunflowers are one of my favourite flowers so he snuck some into the arrangement.

After coming home from my 3-11 shift I typically go onto the computer until midnight to 12:30 a.m. because I’m wound up from work.  I had another surprise bouquet waiting for me in my stamp room.  I certainly feel the love.  Thank you Al!

Good luck with the blog candy.

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Charlotte’s Baptism

My granddaughter was baptized on May 28th.  Here she is with mom and dad, Jon and my daughter, Sarah

Me and Al

Thanks for stopping by!

Posted on : Jun 09 2017
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I’m Engaged

I’m engaged and am so thrilled.  Al and I went shopping to “browse” but within 15 minutes I fell in love with this diamond ring (all Canadian diamonds too) with light blue stones on each side of the large diamond, that Al bought it on the spot.  I kept this engagement a secret until my ring came back sized four weeks after it was bought.

I bought Al’s wedding ring and he thought he could wear his, but I said he had to wait–LOL.

As I said, I’m so thrilled. No big wedding for us, instead an intimate elopement is in the works.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Meet my granddaughter

This is my first grandchild:  Charlotte Elizabeth.  I first met her when she was two weeks old as seen in this photo.  Needless to say, I’m thrilled at being a grandmother.  I think she will be spoiled by me.

Here are my two darlings:  my Al holding Charlotte.

I don’t have any photos downloaded with me yet, but I will show them to you when I have some to share.

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Halloween 2016

Had a blast at Al’s daughter’s house for a Halloween party.  Julie outdid herself with the decorations as you will see.


Urggggg, I’ve got a lass who can read fortunes.  Those who had their fortunes read were told they had a short life span and they were going to die, then I ran my sword through them!


All the gold and jewellry a pirate can hold.


What was left of one trick or treater.


Going to sea mate?


Taking this lass out to sea.


The wolf coming the rescue


Urggg.  It’s out to sea with you.  Bring the drink.



Watch out for scurvy about the ship.



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My Studio Space Clean Up

Sunflowers and Dragonflies, Beth's studio clean up 1

Gasp!  I moved into my new apartment a year ago and it never got organized properly.  So, for my birthday I said to my son, Adam, “I know what you can give me for my birthday that won’t cost you a penny–help me with my studio organization.”  He quickly agreed so I thought that was that.  Well, he came over yesterday and came with a card and a Michael’s gift card–the little stinker.

As luck would have it, there was a one day sale at Michael’s yesterday where all storage units and containers were 50% off, so first thing in the morning I roped Al into joining me on my excursion because I knew I’d need a second set of hands to carry everything I needed wanted to buy.  I bought $200 worth of containers and a 12 x 12 paper holder and spent only $45 (I had a $50 gift card from my girlfriend for my birthday).  What a score!  I love a bargain, don’t you?!

Sunflowers and Dragonflies, Beth's studio clean up 2

Ugh!  Where is my desk?  See that fat binder in the middle of my desk?  That hold every issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter ever published.  It’s my bible.  I cut apart my issues and inserted each page in a page protector.

Now do you want to see the new space?……..

Sunflowers and Dragonflies, Beth's studio clean up 3

Sure I have a lot of crap must have items, but I use it all.  Doesn’t it look so good?  My office feels so big now.

Sunflowers and Dragonflies, Beth's studio clean up 4

Adam warned me he’s coming over to make sure I have kept things clean, and I promised him that I would.  Adam even got out the furniture polish and scolded me as I was just trying to blow off the dust on my office desk.  He even used an air can on my keyboard to get it all cleaned, and I took a baby wipe to it.

Thanks for hanging in there for my long post.  Have yourself a fabulous day!




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