Summer Cottage Time

Hello fellow stampers.  Are you familiar with Stampscapes stamps?   This time I layered the center part of my card at the highest point, and the outer edge at the highest point.

The look of this card is achieved by lightly taping down Nestabilities with two way tape.  After running my image through the Cuttlebug I gently pulled off the tape.  Whalaa, done.

Posted on : Jun 24 2014
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How to Create a Reverse Spotlight Technique

Bam, how is this for a large photo?  I’m told that my photos are too small so I created a much larger pic for you.

So, today I have what I call a “reverse spotlight” technique.  I combined this technique with my much-loved Stampscapes stamps.  Even if you don’t have these stamps, any stamps will do.

Supplies:  Four colours of ink, stipple brushes, glossy paper

Not in Photo:  white cardstock, round punch

Stipple yellow in the center of your glossy paper.  Surround with the next darker colour.

Continue adding darker colour as shown here.

Finish by using a dark blue or purple for the edges.  Round your edges as shown here.

Stamp out main image.  Notice my black mark on the bottom? That was brought about when I opened up my ink pad and dropped it.  Have you done that before?  I always seem to.  Anyways, that is okay because mistakes are so easily hidden with these stamps.

Stamp out trees.  Stagger the size by stamping the whole tree out and then just the tips.  Do not fill up all of the space because a second focal point will be added.

Add a second and third focal image as I did with the fishing boat and flying geese.  There are many other stamps to use (ie. row boat, loon, moon).

Stamp out main image onto cardstock.

Punch a hole in the cardstock.

Adhere punched circle and finish your card.

Tutorials each Tuesday

Posted on : Aug 02 2011
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Going to the Chapel…

Another Stampscapes card.  This time I cut out my image in multiple layers and layered the highest point on the large outer edge, making it’s way smaller with each cut.

Posted on : Jul 21 2011
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