Masculine Congratulations

Hello friends!  Some of you might know that I am in love with everything nautical/ocean related.  I immediately fell in love with this ALLandcreate stamp.

How’s your weekend going?  I had Saturday off and picked up Sunday in overtime at work.  On Saturday I went to my first “art in the park” since Covid shut everything down.  Everyone seemed to be in great spirits walking along looking at all the beautiful hand-crafted items.  I purchased a beautiful mixed-media necklace which you can see here.  What particularly attracted me to this artist’s Summer Sorbet Treasure Pendant was the mixed media.  What appears to be coloured stone is actually pieces of wood carefully painted to resemble stone.  This treasure will be worn alot, along with coordinating earrings.

My Son-in-law recently had a promotion and I wanted to send him a congratulations card.

My card uses, once again, Tina Zinck’s vellum background technique.  Once the background was good and dry (it doesn’t take long), I turned the vellum over and heat embossed gold over top.  Next, I finished my card off with making a pendent that says “Congratulations.”

Have a fantastic week!


Posted on : Jul 12 2022
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A Flip Through my First Junk Journal



I had a lot of fun making my junk journal, and today I posted to the Technique Junkie blog

Coffee, Sarcasm & Lipstick

Blooming Heart

Love, Laughter and Coffee

First Coffee

Perk up Soon

Cups ‘n Mugs

Love you a Latte

Kittie Love

Whimsical Coffee Background

Bunch of Beans

Better with Coffee

Posted on : Jan 31 2022
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A Special Gift

My friend, Patti Gilliam, sent me this beautiful hand-made box set.  I’ve told her that I admire her ability to be the queen of box-making, and lo and behold I received this today.  Knowing I’m a lover of owls, Patti used a new SU paper, and just look at those colours and excellent tied ribbon skills (I’m ribbon challenged).  The boxes coordinate with my mauve wall in my art room.  Our friendship goes back years.  Even before she joined the Technique Junkie Design Team.  Want to know what’s inside?

A Pioneer Woman mug was in the large box, and a delicious-looking brownie mix that is made inside this cup.  I’m a big Pioneer Woman lover too.  Are you?

Posted on : Jan 26 2022
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Technique Junkies December Inventory Reduction Sale Day 14

Technique Junkies December Inventory Reduction Sale is soon coming to the end.  Haven’t heard about it yet?  Well, stamps in the Inventory Reduction Sale category are 35% offUse my code TJ10Beth for an additional 10% off your order (you can order anything else and will be reduced by 10% simply by using my code).


Posted on : Dec 14 2021
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Technique Junkie Inventory Reduction Sale, Day 6

Here we are at Day 6 of a Technique Junkies wonderful December Inventory Reduction SaleEverything in the that category is 35% off, PLUS use my code TJ10Beth for an additional 10% off.  That’s a whopping 45% off.  The reduction sale lasts through December 1 – 15

Have you browsed the inventory reduction sale yet?  You can view it here. Whimsical World is in this sale.

How was your weekend?  I had a nice one, entertaining two couples for appetizers and gift exchange.  Appetizers were all handmade.  After two years of no social gatherings, I was thrilled to have friends in again.

Thank you for stopping by!

Posted on : Dec 06 2021
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Technique Junkies December Inventory Reduction Sale

LOOK–Pat Huntoon has come up with a wonderful December Inventory Reduction SaleEverything in the that category is 35% off, PLUS use my code TJ10Beth for an additional 10% off.  That’s a whopping 45% off.  The reduction sale lasts through December 1 – 15

Have you browsed the inventory reduction sale yet?  If you did, can you spot the two stamps that are in this sale?  There is Darling Blooms and Whimsical World.

It’s no secret in my family that I love, love, love the Christmas season for the joy and peace that the season brings.  My tree is set up on the second weekend of November and outdoor Christmas lights are turned on in the last week of November.

I love Christmas concerts, and have missed them for the previous two years of Covid restrictions.   Earlier in the week Al and I attended The Barra MacNeil’s Christmas concert.  It was a fun evening with toe tapping, clapping and singing.  For those of you who are not familiar with this group, they are Cape Breton’s (Canada’s east coast) family of Gaelic singers and musicians.  In case you’re interested I added a short 2 minute YouTube Christmas Concert clip from a show they put on two years ago.

Posted on : Dec 03 2021
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Technique Junkies Inventory Reduction Sale

Everything in the Inventory Reduction Sale is 35% off over at Technique Junkies.  PLUS use my code above, and receive an additional 10% off, so that is 45% off products in the Inventory Reduction sale.  This sale is the biggest we’ve had in a while so I encourage you to take a peak for items in the sale right here.

Sale runs through to December 15th.





Posted on : Dec 01 2021
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Moonlight Forest

Hello stampers! I’m mixing new with old today.  Technique Junkies new stamp is called Forest Buffalo, and the old stamp is Wolf by Moonlight.  I am so in love with these two stamps because they make excellent masculine cards.  My favourite way to use them is with a Color Burst background.  And if luck would have it, Technique Junkies produced Four Little Sentiments, three of which are in the photo above.  Each sentiment fits nicely into the forest floor and looks great with the gold embossing.


Want a little savings?  Use code TJ10Beth for 10% off your shopping cart.  This code does not include items already on sale.



Posted on : Nov 18 2021
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Our Trip to Ottawa and Area

Living in an apartment, in the city, it felt soooo good to be hiking outdoors.   While we were disappointed in the lack of colour change for this time of year, we were pleased to catch some colour.  Colourful leaves are late this year–and not just in Ottawa.

Rapids in Merrickville, Ontario

Al standing on the ruins in Merrickville, Ontario

A Nut Hatch eating out of my hands along a trail

Posted on : Nov 06 2021
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My Organized Stamp Room

Happy Saturday fellow stampers!  I’m not sure if I posted this photo of my organized stamp room or not.  My dear cousin helped me to organize my tiny space so I could find things quickly, and I must admit, she was right when she had me put likes with likes.  For example, it was very painful to see her place wooden stamps in with my polymer.  I nearly had a heart attack fainted when she suggested it.  After some coaxing I finally agreed.  Now that I’m looking for a particular stamp, I can find it in 30 seconds.

That wooden chair you see tucked into the corner is my YouTube video making chair.  It doesn’t creek and groan like my metal chair.  I’ve been known to stand up throughout a video production too.  This winter I am painting the chair a little wacky fun.  Still haven’t decided if I should make the base coat black or pink.  Check out “painted chairs” in Pinterest and let me know your thoughts.  Better yet, if you come across something you think would be perfect, please put a link in the comments.

The painting of dandelions on the wall was done years ago at a paint party.


My Stampn Up! stamps fit beautifully in large bins which are stackable.  I placed all dies with the stamp set using an elastic band so there’s no hunting around for that special die when I “need” it.  You know the frustration.

Coloured bins along the top shelf hold items not easily stored in bins with lids.  Notice the labelling?  Terry Ann, my cousin, stood over me and had me label things immediately.  Occasionally I would say, I’ll do that later, but she wouldn’t let me put it off–LOL.

Gasp–wood and polymer share the same space.  Well, I’ll admit, Terry Ann was right.  It is easier finding stamps when they are “like with like.”

These large bins are just 2 of 6 that I have filled with Technique Junkies’ stamps.  I have them organized according to Christmas/holidays, backgrounds, all things water-related, and miscellaneous.

Al created hooks for me to hang my brayers.  Did you know that brayers should be stored like this to prevent the roller from creating a flat spot?

Well, if you are reading this you’re a trooper for all of today’s reading material.  I’m off to the trailer for the night–have a great weekend!

Posted on : Sep 11 2021
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