Tutorial Tuesday: Speckled Paint Background


This week’s tutorial idea came about when I was playing around with some watercolour crayons last week.  While I was painting with the crayons, I noticed speckles of paint flicking off onto scrap paper.  You can purchase speckled paper, but what I love about this technique is that you can create speckles to coordinate with your image, such as the one pictured here.


Supplies:  Watercolour crayons, brush and water, stamp


Stamp out your image, or colour your image as I have done here.  Lightly mist your stamp with water, colour your stamp, and stamp out your image.


With a wet brush, sweep the top of the crayon towards you so that speckles of paint fall over your image.  The more water you use, the fainter the speckle.


This photo shows the painted speckles quite clearly.  You are now ready to create your card.

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Posted on : Mar 10 2009
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