Fright Night

Hello fellow stampers!  This is going to be a month of Halloween cards for you.  I love sending out Halloween cards.

This cute card uses stamps from Technique Junkies, and if you use my code TJ10Beth, you will get 10% off of your shopping cart, as long as it is not a sale item.

Stamps used:  Ghosties Night, Fright Night


Posted on : Sep 21 2021
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In the Garden

Hi there stampers.  As I sit here typing this, I feel like my dad who used to listen to “old” music, as I listen to music on Google from the 60’s, the time I was born.  (I must have wanted to be younger and noticed I said I was 49 in a recent post.  WRONG.  59).  How I started listening to the 60’s has quite a funny story.  I was recently sick with a cold.  The worst I ever had.  Trying to ask Google to play a local radio station, my brain was in a fog and I couldn’t spit it out.  All I could do was make sounds and the 60’s is what came up.  I’m glad that it took me to this station.

Wild flower silhouettes are popular and have been for quite a while now.  This Technique Junkies silhouette stamp is nice and wide which allows for a full image and if you don’t want to use the original width, simply cut it down like I did above.  The name of this stamp set is Wildflower Silhouette.  The sentiments are from In the Garden.  My coupon code is good for 10% off of your purchase.

Below are close ups of each card.  I made these cards a couple of month’s ago but never posted them.

Thanks for stopping by!

Posted on : Sep 14 2021
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My Organized Stamp Room

Happy Saturday fellow stampers!  I’m not sure if I posted this photo of my organized stamp room or not.  My dear cousin helped me to organize my tiny space so I could find things quickly, and I must admit, she was right when she had me put likes with likes.  For example, it was very painful to see her place wooden stamps in with my polymer.  I nearly had a heart attack fainted when she suggested it.  After some coaxing I finally agreed.  Now that I’m looking for a particular stamp, I can find it in 30 seconds.

That wooden chair you see tucked into the corner is my YouTube video making chair.  It doesn’t creek and groan like my metal chair.  I’ve been known to stand up throughout a video production too.  This winter I am painting the chair a little wacky fun.  Still haven’t decided if I should make the base coat black or pink.  Check out “painted chairs” in Pinterest and let me know your thoughts.  Better yet, if you come across something you think would be perfect, please put a link in the comments.

The painting of dandelions on the wall was done years ago at a paint party.


My Stampn Up! stamps fit beautifully in large bins which are stackable.  I placed all dies with the stamp set using an elastic band so there’s no hunting around for that special die when I “need” it.  You know the frustration.

Coloured bins along the top shelf hold items not easily stored in bins with lids.  Notice the labelling?  Terry Ann, my cousin, stood over me and had me label things immediately.  Occasionally I would say, I’ll do that later, but she wouldn’t let me put it off–LOL.

Gasp–wood and polymer share the same space.  Well, I’ll admit, Terry Ann was right.  It is easier finding stamps when they are “like with like.”

These large bins are just 2 of 6 that I have filled with Technique Junkies’ stamps.  I have them organized according to Christmas/holidays, backgrounds, all things water-related, and miscellaneous.

Al created hooks for me to hang my brayers.  Did you know that brayers should be stored like this to prevent the roller from creating a flat spot?

Well, if you are reading this you’re a trooper for all of today’s reading material.  I’m off to the trailer for the night–have a great weekend!

Posted on : Sep 11 2021
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Happy Halloween

Hello Halloween fans!  Do you  enjoy making Halloween cards as much as I do?  I like to make Halloween cards and send them off to a few of my family members.

It’s still not too late to buy and get in on the 15% off of the newly released set of stamps.  The price is discounted automatically so you don’t need a discount code for those, but for all other products you can use TJ10Beth.

Here is my YouTube video from Technique Junkies new release.


Directions for Making my Card:

1.  On a piece of gray cardstock, use Cloud Edger stencil and make clouds until you are 2/3 down from top to bottom using black ink.

2.  Using black cardstock, die cut a tree background and adhere with glue.

3.  Stamp Bloody Halloween onto gray cardstock, using black ink.

4.  Add embellishments such as bat die cuts.

Posted on : Sep 07 2021
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Harrison in the Forest of Funky Trees

This past week was a week of challenges in a stamp group I belong to.  This challenge was to create an alcohol ink background with a few twists.  Below you will see how my background turned out and rather than use these as a card front I decided to cut them up with Tim Holtz’s Funky Trees die.  Doesn’t Harrison looks regal surrounded by those trees?

Any special plans for this long weekend?  Enjoy yourselves!

Posted on : Sep 04 2021
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Technique Junkies September Release Sale and Video*

I can’t believe it is September already.  Temperatures are cooling down at night, leaves are starting to change, and it’s getting dark earlier.  The joy September 1st brings me is the Technique Junkies new release and sale.  I had a lot of fun working with the Halloween stamps.  I so love making seasonal cards, and Halloween is one of my favourite occasions to surprise someone with a happy mail day.  One way to make a Halloween card spooky is to add misty fog.  You will learn how to do that in my video below.  Enjoy.

Before we get to the video, let me remind you how the sale works.  From the 1st to the 8th, you will receive a 15% automatic discount on each new release you purchase.  But, that’s not all.  If you use my code TJ10Beth, you will receive 10% off the remainder of your shopping cart. I encourage you to try the shimmering bliss sprays and the new blending brushes.  Wow!

For the real lover of stamping there is a release called Gotta Have it All Bundle, which includes every single stamp from the September Release.  A picture of the Gotta Have it All Bundle is at the bottom of this post.

Enjoy the video!

Life’s Little Blessings

Be grateful every day for life’s little blessings.  I’m grateful for a wonderful month of August where I have been surrounded by family and friends to celebrate birthdays, have barbecues, celebrating Al’s and my 3rd wedding anniversary, meeting my new granddaughter, boating with family, meeting my elementary school friend (um, I’m I turned 49 on the 9th) where we picked up right where we left off.  The list goes on and on.

If you look very close, you will see Dancing Sprigs stencil on my Gelliplate background.   This stencil is available at Technique Junkies for 10% off, as well as your other items (aside from items already on sale) simply by using my code TJ10Beth.

Over my Gelliplate background I heat embossed in gold, using Love Harlequin stamp.

I stamped out newly released Life’s Little Blessings before I tore my paper.  I did this because I didn’t want to over tear, or under tear, my handmade decorative paper.  Whalaa.  Finished.

Thanks for stopping by.  You just made my day.  Just another of life’s little blessings.

Posted on : Aug 31 2021
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Color Bursts anyone?

August has been so fulfilling creativity wise.  Technique Junkies August release has gone hand-in-hand with my Gelliplate, Color Bursts, inking over stencils, etc.

By spritzing Color Bursts with a lot of water, they become runny and blend together as seen on the background behind Just Beautiful stamp.  The background was blended using blending brushes and Swirl Grid stencil.

Interested in a 10% discount?  Just use my code TJ10Beth for 10% off (aside from items already on sale).


Posted on : Aug 28 2021
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New Sale at Technique Junkies

Technique Junkies has just announced all Jan Tink and Rita Barakat stamps are 35% off from today, August 27 through to Tuesday, August 31st.  Discount codes will not work on this sale.

The stamp above is called Wreath Sled by Jan Tink.  You can see all of Jan’s stamps here.

Rita’s stamps are whimsical and here she is with her Sing. You can find all of Rita’s stamps here.




Posted on : Aug 27 2021
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Kiss my Ace

Hello friends!  I’ve been having lots of fun with my GelliPlate.  I get together with my girlfriend and we play all day.  I am particularly pleased with the look of Tennis Racquet Patent and Tennis Sentiments, set of 3.  I hear time and time again how stampers love Technique Junkies sarcastic and punny stamps.  I do too.

The shape of my yellow background works perfectly with Tennis Racquet Patent, don’t you think?

If my card captures your attention, you may be interested to know there is a Gotta Have it all Bundle.  Use code TJ10Beth for a 10% discount on your shopping cart.

Thanks for stopping by!




Posted on : Aug 24 2021
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